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Kingdom Hearts Journal Roleplay Community
K I N G D O M & H E A R T D R I V E
It's been crazy.

Your world getting destroyed, going on a search for your friends, trying to save the worlds, being asleep for a year, accidently working for the bad guys, and finding your friends at last. That whole year was absolutely crazy!

Now, home's back to normal and everything's safe again.

Mmkay, intro time! This is a Kingdom Hearts journal roleplay; it started out with members on a forum that's part of the site 'KHInsider'. The whole thing takes place on Livejournal in the characters' own journals, just like a normal journal roleplay. This is the community for the whole thing, listing everything about the RP; it's also a place where OOC chats take place. ['less anyone would rather have a OOC community...]

And that's basically it... Since this started a bit ago, there'll be some stuff to explain. Check out the 'Events' section here for more info about that!
o1. You must be literate! As long as your writing is legible and you use correct grammar and spelling, everything should be fine. For third person posts, you need to post at least one paragraph with 3 to 4 sentences in it per post. [we're not strict, so no worries!]

o2. You must be active! Two journal entries per week are expected and you need to comment on other's entries as well in order to move the plot forwards. If you become inactive, I will contact you after two weeks of inactivity.

o3. No godmoding or powerplaying! Plain and simple as that. You may possess other characters, with permission, but that's it. If you do too much godmoding or powerplaying, you will be asked to leave the RP.

o4. Romance is fine, but keep it PG-13. Nothing gross, okay? Also, please ask the person playing that character you want your's to have a relationship, especially if it's anything considered shonen-ai or shoujo-ai. This RP is more for hetero pairings, not yaoi or yuri.

o5. You may play as many characters as you want, within reason. Just make sure you can keep up with all of them. Also, if you're playing something like 15 characters, you will have to drop some of those 'cause that's a little bit much.

o6. Original characters, at the moment, won't be allowed. This is a RP that takes place after KH2 and follows behind the canon characters. So, at the moment, no original characters will be allowed.

o7. You can play any canon character in the Kingdom Hearts universe. All Kingdom Hearts, Disney, and Final Fantasy characters can be played, just as long as they have appeared in a current or upcoming Kingdom Hearts game. [if they haven't appeared in any of the KH games, please ask first!]

o8. Misconduct will be taken care of accordingly. If you have something against another person, please contact them and settle the whole thing. Otherwise, if there is any misconduct involving yourself, you will receive a warning. Three warnings and you're out of the RP.

o9. Last, but not least, HAVE FUN!
From when this community was created, the original roleplay was already quite in progress and still is in progress. So, stuff definitely happened and here's what exactly DID happen:

Sora, Riku, and Kairi returned to Destiny Islands and found a site called 'Livejournal', where they could create and keep journals online. They were mostly used for chatting, until strange things start to occur: Naminé and Roxas were no longer part of their Somebodies and a Heartless called 'Anti!Sora' had shown up, who actually had grown intelligence unlike normal Heartless.

Since then, Kairi had been kidnapped and Xehanort had appeared out of nowhere. Sora, Riku, and Naminé went to go find Kairi in the virtual!Twilight Town while Terra and Demyx came to help them out. In order to find Kairi faster, Sora gave up his darkness to Xehanort as strange things called 'Soulless' begun to appear in the virtual and real Twilight Towns. Sora fought against Anti!Sora as Demyx, Naminé, Riku, and Terra fought the Soulless. However, Kairi was nowhere to be found when Anti!Sora was defeated and the virtual!Twilight Town was now about to self-destruct. Kairi is now in Xehanort's hands and everybody has to find her fast.
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